Brooklyn’s Best Ball Golf Tournament 




August 26th, 2017

Brooklyn’s Best Ball Golf Tournament was created to raise awareness and funds for PHACE Syndrome. On behalf of the PHACE Foundation of Canada, we wish to express our most heartfelt gratitude for the support we have received for our amazing cause. Thanks to our generous sponsors and participants, last year’s 2016 tournament raised over $35,000. We have just granted the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin funds to complete 3 new research studies on PHACE. One long term study on hemangiomas, one is the phase 1 study on adults living with PHACE, and the third is on the different eye anomalies in PHACE children. We are very excited about this and our future studies to come!

With the funds raised in our previous Tournaments, we have been able to fund these amazing accomplishments; putting on a family/medical Conference for PHACE families and doctors; the building a PHACE Syndrome Registry website which is run by the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin where all children worldwide have all their medical records available easier access for research; PHACE Syndrome Handbooks printed for patients and their doctors; A new medical study at the Hospital for Sick Children into the Neuro cognitive study of children with PHACE and how the develop as they grow; An Ontario wide educational video conference to make doctors across the Province (and soon the Country) aware that PHACE Syndrome exists (as most are currently unaware) and how to treat patients.